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Cohort #1

Anti-Burnout Artists Spa

Restorative Drawing for Artists. Are you a visual artist who's been feeling blah about it lately? We'll rediscover the joy of it via playful drawing exercises and low-stakes sharing.

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SUN, JUN 27 8:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Week 3: Soothing Mindfulness

This week is all about relaxing and taking things slow, stopping to smell the roses and making room for our minds to wander.

Exercises will include: Repetitive markmaking, drawing to music, drawings based on cute animal videos, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the US holiday on July 4, we will not meet the following week--we'll pick up the week after that.

SUN, JUL 11 8:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Week 4: Indulgence

SUN, JUL 18 8:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Week 5: Outside Inspiration