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Hyperlink is a course platform and online school built for seriously effective learning.

How does it work?

Hyperlink is a platform for creating and participating in community-driven online courses. Each course is a template for a learning experience. It can be run repeatedly, in independent cohorts. Want to learn more? Check out our manual.

Join to create a course, learn something new — or both!

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Each course cohort brings together a small group of peers excited to learn together. And we're making new courses together every day.

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Cohorts serve as lightweight experiments. Hyperlink's focus on iterative development means courses always keep improving.

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simple infrastructure

Easy enrollment, payments, and community discussion space — an all-in-one learning platform, building on open source software.

Upcoming Courses

Language and Thought

Cohort #0

Does language determine, influence, or merely represent thought? We'll explore the Sapir-Whorf debate by reading and discussing key texts in linguistics, anthropology, psychology, & cognitive science.

Starts Apr 17, 2021 | 4 spots left!

Internet of Absurdity

Cohort #0

We’ll examine how everything is connected and teach you how to make your own internet-connected (possibly absurd) device! The course will cover iot networking tools and use circuitpython for coding .

Starts Apr 20, 2021 | 8 spots left!

Principles of Animation

Cohort #0

Get started animating using affordable software and accessible materials. This course will cover the basics of imitating motion and expose students to a wide variety of animation techniques.

Starts Apr 22, 2021 | 9 spots left!

Antifragile Writing with Roam Research

Cohort #2

How to make writing less fragile, more robust, even antifragile—following N. Taleb's concept—using Roam Research, a note-taking and knowledge management app well-suited to make sense of disorder.

Starts Apr 28, 2021 | 9 spots left!

Upcoming Clubs

The Poetics of Queer Ecology

Reading Group 1

A reading group exploring queer ecology — practices that center interrelationships and challenge binaries and hierarchies in sex, gender, ability, species-relations, conservation, and politics.

Starts Apr 18, 2021

Dead Languages Society

Old English

A club for learning ancient languages. Every week we work through a lesson together in a fun, friendly setting. Learn about the cultures of the past in their own words, one language at a time.

Starts Apr 25, 2021

Echo and Narcissus Writing Club

Cohort #0

A writing club where we learn by imitation. We'll each pick a Narcissus – an author we wish to Echo. We'll closely analyse (and even copy) their work, then write our own pieces using what we learn.

Starts May 1, 2021 | 6 spots left!

House of Interdisciplinary Autodidacts

Pilot Cohort - HoIA

Join fellow autodidacts to explore generative interdisciplinary questions and create public artifacts together, to leverage the web for building a career with more professional autonomy.

Starts May 15, 2021 | 17 spots left!

Upcoming Events

Course Demo: Come Hungry, Leave Ignited

Apr 23, 2021 @ 12:30 AM - 1:30 AM UTC


Introduction to Antifragile Writing

Apr 22, 2021 @ 11:00 PM - 12:30 AM UTC