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How does it work?

Hyperlink is a platform for creating and participating in community-driven online courses. Each course is a template for a learning experience. It can be run repeatedly, in independent cohorts. Want to learn more? Check out our manual.

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Each course cohort brings together a small group of peers excited to learn together. And we're making new courses together every day.

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Cohorts serve as lightweight experiments. Hyperlink's focus on iterative development means courses always keep improving.

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simple infrastructure

Easy enrollment, payments, and community discussion space — an all-in-one learning platform, building on open source software.

Deep Learning

Light Learning


Courses are deep dives into a subject, led by a facilitator experienced in the field.

The Home Collection Game

Roleplay as secret agents and supervillains as you learn to apply museum knowledge on preventive conservation and create tailored preservation measures for your own home collections.

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Whose Land Is This Anyway?

An introduction to Indigenous teachings, histories and world views for non-Indigenous people living across Turtle Island. Begin to foster a balanced and respectful relationship with the land.

Next cohort starts Feb 6, 2021

Internet Homesteading

Build yourself a home on the internet (a website) with a toolchain you understand from the ground up.

Next cohort starts Feb 16, 2021

Neostalgic Computing

Through a speculative design process, we'll reflect on our relationships with computing technologies and reimagine them from a hyper-personal, retrospective, and healing lens.

Next cohort starts Feb 7, 2021

Anti-Perfectionism Drawing

A series of exercises to overcome the perfectionism that holds us back from drawing more. We’ll use constraints that make perfection impossible, like blind contour, rapid gesture drawing, and more.

Antifragile Writing with Roam Research

How to make writing less fragile, more robust, even antifragile—following N. Taleb's concept—using Roam Research, a note-taking and knowledge management app well-suited to make sense of disorder.

Build Your Antilibrary

Build a great personal library (what you read) — and antilibrary (infinite potential reading). Define your reading goals and implement effective, practical, personal strategies for relating to books.

Building Online Communities

Online communities are the foundation of how we communicate with each other online. There are several various types of online communities, and in this course, we'll learn how to build one together.

Building a Rules Light Tabletop Game

In this class we’ll explore minimalistic “rules light” rulesets for tabletop games. See how they can quickly shape players sense of a world and focus the kind of stories being told then build our own.

Design Neighborhood Scale Software

Learn about early stage design by defining your idea for neighborhood scale software. Examining cybernetics and Ostromian economics, we'll explore theory while applying it to the design process.

Esoteric Programming Language Theory

Explore programming languages that eschew practicality and challenge received ideas of what computation is and how languages are designed — from obfuscatory to minimalist to non-textual and beyond.

GUIs Through Art History

Explore new styles of graphical user interface design inspired by art history movements.

Infinite Art

Explore systems for creating an infinite number of works of art, both imaginary and real. Embrace playful systems for inspiration and art-making, and create a personal generative art-making system.

Language Construction Workshop

Create your own language from scratch for world-building, personal use, or simply as an artistic pursuit. Using tools and concepts from linguistics, you'll build a language that looks and feels real.

Meta-Skills for Language Learning

An accessible introduction to the science and practice of language learning. You'll build a toolkit you can use for a lifetime of more confident language acquisition.

Once Upon a Type

We're going to explore Web Typography! This is a group project based learning experience. We will be working as as a team to type set a short ✧༺:༻∞ fairy tale, myth, poem or legend∞༺:༻✧ for the web!

Stop Thinking in Circles

Break free of frustrating mental loops with this set of cognitive, emotional, and philosophical skills — whether to better understand your past, or handle your present and future with more confidence.

The Book is a Program

A practical exploration in dual-publishing websites and printed books, using Pollen, LaTeX, and the Racket programming language.

The Meta Course

A course for creating great courses! We learn how to create learning structures specifically for the ideas and skills most interesting to us.

Unlocking the Commons

A practical introduction to funding models for open creative work. Bring a project — blog, podcast, software, art — and we'll explore approaches, tools and strategies to make it sustainable.

Write a Micro-Textbook

Write a complete first draft of a micro-textbook on a subject of your choice. Sharpen your own understanding and distill your expertise into something you can publish, teach, or sell.


Clubs are a lightweight way to convene people with shared interests to explore new things together.