hyperlink.academy is an online university that lives in the links between personal websites. Here we learn about the internet.

The structure is simple. Anyone is welcome to enroll as a learner, or to facillitate a course, by submitting a link to be displayed on this page.

Anyone can be a learner, from full-time researchers, to people exploring on the weekend.

Courses can be about anything and have any structure! The only requirement for both is that they happen on the internet.

By linking between this page, learners, and courses, we can create an internet of learning!

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  • Getting better at personal websites @ Oct 17, 19 - Nov 14, 19

    Personal websites are really powerful tools! This course will be a combination of talks from people who have kick-ass sites and a conversation on how we can all make ours better. If you're into these, come hang out!
  • Planetary Thought @ Oct 21, 19 - Dec 02, 19

    We have reached a Planetary Age. The internet has completed most of its symbiotic integration with our civilization, which is regressing from the trauma. Simultaneously, our planet has been pushed to extremes, and is slowly unfolding its epic transition across timescales we struggle to grasp. How can we perceive, think, and act at a planetary scale to mitigate or repair this damage? This is a collaborative course to speculate and formulate a new model for being human in the 21st century.
  • Blogging Futures @ Nov 01, 19 - ongoing

    An open exploration about the future of writing on the web, what that would look like, and how we can facilitate that future today.

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