Hyperlink Academy

Build shared spaces for learning.

Invite-only for now — read below for details ✨

🌱 First, we experimented with courses and clubs.

🌱 Next, we hopped into hyperspace and dug research rabbitholes.

🌱 Now, we're making something new — a place to bring people into purpose-built spaces to create and collaborate.

What if your group chats were infinite games & gardens?

Space not only to talk, but to explore & build together

What if you could build shared worlds for the things that matter?

Bespoke structures & systems: map, collect, play, publish

What if your tools helped you do meaningful long-term work?

A game engine for agency; repeatable recipes for action

Hyperlink's new platform is in alpha, open by invitation.

We're curating book collections, organizing recipes, cultivating writing practices, making music & more…

Want to build learning worlds with us?

We're rolling out invites slowly, but as quickly as we can :) Drop your email and we'll keep you posted.

If you like, tell us about a Space you'd like to make, and we can talk more!

—Hyperlink Team (Jared + Celine + Brendan)