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Anti-Burnout Artists Spa

Restorative Drawing for Artists. Are you a visual artist who's been feeling blah about it lately? We'll rediscover the joy of it via playful drawing exercises, randomized prompts, + light journaling.

CurriculumAll CohortsFacilitators

Course Goals

Restore joy to the artistic process via playful, low stakes, and soothing exercises.


We'll meet once a week for 5 weeks, 2 hours each Friday night EST.

Each class will roughly be composed of:

  • Short journaling session
  • Short lecture
  • Individual exercises
  • Collaborative exercises
  • Shareout

All exercises will be completed during class time.

Syllabus / Schedule

Week 1: Exorcism

  • This week is all about getting it all out, venting negativity to make room for positivity.
  • Exercises may include: "Draw how you feel" self portrait, embodying your demons, and more.

Week 2: Good Bad Art

  • This week is about reminding ourselves to embrace imperfection by drawing under constraints.
  • Exercises may include: Blind contour, drawing with a non-dominant hand, super fast drawing, purposefully messing up pages, and more.

Week 3: Soothing Mindfulness

  • This week is all about relaxing and taking things slow, stopping to smell the roses and making room for our minds to wander.
  • Exercises may include: Repetitive markmaking, finding beauty in everyday details, tuning into the nature around you, drawings based on cute animal videos, free association, and more.

Week 4: Indulgence

  • Remember when you were a kid, and you'd just draw whatever you wanted with no regard for quality or taste? This week is about bringing that mindset back.
  • Exercises may include: Doodling all the doodles you first learned to draw (e.g. The Cool S), recreating childhood drawings from memory, drawing your (SFW) fantasies, and more

Week 5: Outside Inspiration

  • This week is about getting some outside inspiration from art from another time and place.
  • Exercises may include: Exploring online museum or libraries collections, creating drawings based on those explorations, collaborative collage, and more.


A series of exercises done during class time.

Who Should Sign Up

This class is for people who know how to draw or already have some artistic experience, but are looking to restore the joy of it for themselves.

5 weeksUp to 20 learners

You like art, and drawing, but sometimes hate it, but want to love it again.

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