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Cohort #1

Introduction to Applied Rationality

Identify bugs that consistently stop you from becoming a better version of yourself and then learn about frameworks/techniques helpful for resolution of those bugs.

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SAT, AUG 7 4:30 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

Week 4: Old habits die hard

Another week for further exploring habits! We will:

  • Go over last week's content and get feedback on its usefulness for installing new habits
  • How can we use context-cue-response model to break undesirable habits?
    • Going upstream
    • Disrupting cues and removing triggers
  • Spend some time identifying bugs that can potentially be resolved using these techniques

SAT, AUG 14 4:30 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

Week 5: Finding the right actions for our goals

SAT, AUG 21 4:30 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

Week 6: Timers all the way down!