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Cohort #2

Comics Making for the Rest of Us

A club for comics making aimed at building creative solidarity and exploring the medium. Weekly drawing + writing activities, discussion opportunities and a set of ongoing group projects <3

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TUE, JUN 22 11:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 2 - My Most Secret Comics Diary

Discussion and activities that will focus on what it means to chronicle your life through comics-making.
Note: Detailed plans to be determined with club member input. diary writing

TUE, JUN 29 11:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 3 - Sipping from the Stream of Consciousness

TUE, JUL 6 11:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 4 - The Way of the Oblique

TUE, JUL 13 11:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 5 - Cognitive Collage

TUE, JUL 20 11:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 6 - The Comics Jamboree

Jun 24, 20216 weeks

You should have an interest in making comics and a willingness to get your hands dirty writing and drawing.