Welcome! Hyperlink is a place to do meaningful things — creative projects; book clubs; learning groups — together on the internet.

Activity on Hyperlink happens in Spaces — small worlds for shared work.

In a Space, you can:

  • Make cards for meaningful things, like ideas, tasks, and questions
  • Organize & work with cards in rooms
  • Talk together with chats & comments

The magic multiplies when you invite others to join & explore with you:

  • notifications, for pings on Space activity
  • unreads, to see what's new in one place
  • live presence, to see where others are in the Space
  • audio calls, to hang & explore together

To get started, make a Space and invite a friend to jam, riff, play…

And repeat! Over time your Spaces on Hyperlink form an ecosystem: seedlings, active projects, archives, communities of collaborators.

Questions? Suggestions? Email us any time :)

—The Hyperlink Team