This project was inspired by the Domain of One's Own project from the University of Mary Washington. The line of reasoning is, if individuals can have a self-sovreign digital identity, can't an institution be created from the links between those identities?

hyperlink.academy is an attempt to reclaim not only the internet as a tool for learning, but learning institutions themselves. We're taking the language (semesters, courses, enrollment, etc) used by "the weary giants of flesh and steel"[0] and recasting them in the fundamental unit of the internet, the link.

Storing the most important data (the courses, learners "transcripts") not in some central databases but in websites controlled by the learners themselves, enables "thin institutions". Anyone could create a website copying this, creating a learning institution for their own community or field, and individuals would already have all the infrastructure neccessary to participate.

This is all one big experiment. Join the conversation about it here

[0] - The declaration of the independance of cyberspace

a fathom project
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