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New Courses: Oct. 2020

By The Hyperlink Team | 2020-10-09

The Meta Course bears more fruit, in the form of some exciting new courses on Hyperlink.

We're excited to share courses on conlangs and community-building, antilibraries and strategies to think more clearly. See below for open courses, old and new.

New Courses

The following brand-new courses are now open for enrollment. Click each to learn more.

Take a look at the lineup, and consider joining for a course or two!

Building Online Communities

Online communities are the foundation of how we communicate with each other online. There are many types of online communities, and in this course, we'll learn how to build one together.

Language Construction Workshop

Create your own language from scratch for world-building, personal use, or simply as an artistic pursuit. Using tools and concepts from linguistics, you'll build a language that looks and feels real.

Stop Thinking in Circles

Break free of frustrating mental loops with this set of cognitive, emotional, and philosophical skills — whether to better understand your past, or handle your present and future with more confidence.

Build Your Antilibrary

Build a great personal library (what you read) — and antilibrary (infinite potential reading). Define your reading goals and implement effective, practical, personal strategies for relating to books.

New Cohorts

Some excellent courses from our first batch have scheduled new cohorts! View each and enroll at the links below:

Anti-Perfectionism Drawing

A series of exercises to overcome the perfectionism that holds us back from drawing more. We’ll use constraints that make perfection impossible, like blind contour, rapid gesture drawing, and more.

Internet Homesteading

Build yourself a home on the internet (a website) with a toolchain you understand from the ground up.

Write a Micro-Textbook

Write a complete first draft of a micro-textbook on a subject of your choice. Sharpen your own understanding, and distill your expertise into something you can publish, teach, or sell.

UPDATE: This course is planning a new cohort for Jan 2021, but it's not yet open — please log in and click "watch this course" to be notified.

Create a course in the Meta Course!

So far we've run five cohorts of the Meta Course, our workshop for creating great courses and experimenting with learning structures together.

As you can see above, a lot of amazing courses have emerged from the Meta Course, and we expect many more to come.

We've got a new Meta Course cohort starting next week, Monday Oct. 12 at 8:30pm ET, and running for five weeks.

It's invite-only, but we still have some spots open. It's also free — it just requires a course idea, a serious commitment to attend the meetings, and interest in developing and launching a course on Hyperlink.

General speaking we're finding courses work well that:

  • Deeply explore a specific niche (e.g. a branch of art, tech, writing, etc.)
  • Align with your existing work / creative practice
  • Intended to run repeatedly, iterating and improving over time
  • Propel participants to make/achieve something meaningful together

If you have an idea you're excited about teaching and exploring with others, we'd love to hear from you.