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Launching 8 New Clubs

By The Hyperlink Team | 2020-10-22

Now on Hyperlink: our first batch of Learning Clubs!

Similar to Courses, Clubs are a format for learning with small groups, actively facilitated, on niche topics.

But they're also: more casual, more exploratory, and more peer-driven.

Think: book club, research group, art critique cohort — people creating their own structures to learn together in a focused way.

We're excited to announce our initial batch of eight Clubs, spanning a wide range of topics and formats.

Take a look and consider joining!

Learning Clubs

Open for enrollment: clubs on indie research and planetary studies; clubs exploring museums, media futures, blue humanities; clubs to share art, desserts, rhymes…

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How To Build A Habitable Planet

Facilitated by Krish | Starts Oct 31

We'll be reading How To Build A Habitable Planet, exploring the geological, environmental, and historical-physical foundations our lives are based upon — and learning to view the world differently.

House of Interdisciplinary Autodidacts

Facilitated by Vinay | Starts Nov 1

Join fellow autodidacts to explore intriguing interdisciplinary questions together and to learn the secrets of leveraging the web for more professional autonomy and free-agency.

Breaking (and Remaking) News

Facilitated by Jasmine | Starts Nov 8

A structured reading and brainstorming group about the past/future of news media, centering the book Breaking News by Alan Rusbridger.

Literature at Sea: A Brief History of Existence

Facilitated by Timothy | Starts Nov 9

Vitally important to human existence (and perhaps foundational to all matter) is the sea, of which we know relatively little. Take an imaginative deep dive into this space through literature.

The Artist's Critique Circle

Facilitated by Kinjal | Starts Nov 10

Weekly artist's forum to learn from each other, receive feedback, and share techniques. We'll explore a series of open prompts, followed by thoughtful critique and commentary among peers.

Rhyme Writing Roundtable

Facilitated by Brendan | Starts Nov 20

A late night lyricism lounge; a friendly rap-writing critique club; a space for poetic play. Each meeting will be half group-writing session + half feedback session.

International Confectionaries

Facilitated by Celine | Starts Nov 29

Every week we will make a different confectionery together! We will try to focus on desserts with diverse origins. Halva, Baklava, Mochi, Flan, Sfenj, Mooncakes, Jalebis, Yuuuuuuuuum~

Virtual Museum Explorer Club

Facilitated by Jinjin | Starts Nov 30

We'll go on tours via scavenger hunt through the virtual collections of world-class art museums.

Create a Course or Club?

If you'd like to propose either a Course or a Club to run on Hyperlink, we'd love to hear from you.

For a club, just fill out this form, and we'll get back to you:

If you're more interested in doing a course, good news — we've scheduled a new cohort of the Meta Course, our own course creation workshop.

If you have a course idea, please tell us about it here:

We can chat more and invite you to the Meta Course if it seems like a good fit!

This next cohort starts on Sunday, Nov. 1 at 1pm ET, and runs for 5 weeks. It's free, just requires commitment to attend the meetings, and interest in developing a course on Hyperlink.