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MAR21 Launch Lineup

By The Hyperlink Team | 2021-03-03

It's time for Hyperlink's monthly launch — AKA knowledge drop — an awesome lineup of courses, clubs, and events.

The following cohorts are now open for enrollment, starting in March and April. Click each to learn more and enroll.

(Ones labeled "NEW" = running their very first cohort!)

You can also view all here: Courses + Clubs.


Antifragile Writing with Roam Research

How to make writing less fragile, more robust, even antifragile—following N. Taleb's concept—using Roam Research, a note-taking and knowledge management app well-suited to make sense of disorder.

Starts March 4, $150

Anti-Burnout Artists Spa - NEW 🌱✨

Restorative Drawing for Artists. Are you a visual artist who's been feeling blah about it lately? We'll rediscover the joy of it via playful drawing exercises, randomized prompts, + light journaling.

Starts March 5, $100

Whose Land Is This Anyway? - NEW 🌱✨

An introduction to Indigenous teachings, histories and world views for non-Indigenous people living across Turtle Island. Begin to foster a balanced and respectful relationship with the land.

Starts March 7, $250 (rescheduled)

Comics Making for Life - NEW 🌱✨

Your personal comics-making boot camp! Learn to design and implement effective and sustainable comics-making workflows that harness the ideas and life that flow around you.

Starts March 15, $250

Artificial World Building - NEW 🌱✨

Learn about the rules and logic behind natural phenomenons, and how we can simulate and modify them using a computer.

Starts March 18, $150

Aliveness! Through Creative Practice - NEW 🌱✨

This course is an invitation to remember, invent, and discover ways we can engage with our creativity and get back in touch with the parts of our lives that are joyful and meaningful.

Starts March 18, $125

Writing on Paper in the Digital Age - NEW 🌱✨

The paperless future never arrived—analog and digital writing systems coexist. How can we have the best of both worlds? We'll review mediums, techniques, tools, and workflows for using both together.

Starts March 24, $80

Digital Alchemy - NEW 🌱✨

An experimental course on understanding low level representation of information. By exploring how to transmute data; and by playing around with boundaries of creation & representation.

Starts March 29, $150

Language and Thought - NEW 🌱✨

Does language determine, influence, or merely represent thought? We'll explore the Sapir-Whorf debate by reading and discussing key texts in linguistics, anthropology, psychology, & cognitive science.

Starts April 17, $200

The Home Collection Game

Roleplay as secret agents and supervillains as you learn to apply museum knowledge on preventive conservation and create tailored preservation measures for your own home collections.

Starts April 24, $200


Newsletter Creator Club - NEW 🌱✨

Join to build a consistent newsletter practice. We'll each create a system for writing and publishing, talk tools and platforms, share feedback, and get comfortable writing in public together.

Starts March 22, $25


Join for one-off learning events on Hyperlink — and let us know if you'd like to host one sometime! It's a great way to experiment with course ideas, run a workshop, or host a casual meetup.

View all events here: Events

The Future of Textbooks

Let's collectively explore the future of those heretofore hefty tomes of knowledge: textbooks! Hyperlink course creators are making interesting learning resources, from git repos to microtextbooks. How can these kinds of things continue to evolve and better support learners?

March 13, FREE

Hyperhour - Language Arts

Join us for a casual hangout to explore ideas for a Language Arts department on Hyperlink! If you want to learn — or teach — on topics like linguistics, writing, notation, future of text, or translation, we'd love to see you there!

March 19, FREE

The Secret Life of Objects

An introduction to topics and themes common in the conservation of material culture — e.g. what curators and conservators do, and how collections are created and conserved. Join if you're interested in the behind-the-scenes workings of museums, galleries, and libraries!

March 20, FREE

Hyperhour - Visual Thinking

Join us for a casual hangout to explore ideas for a Language Arts department on Hyperlink! If you want to learn — or teach — on topics like comics, crafts, animation, video, creative workflows, or interface design, we'd love to see you there!

March 26, FREE

Ask a Conservator

An open Q&A to explore any conservation-related questions you might have, from home collections advice to specialist topics in art conversation. All with interest in material culture, museums, and art conservation are welcome.

March 27, FREE

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Calling all course creators…

We've got a new cohort of the Meta Course starting next week — Tuesday, March 9 at 8pm ET.

Details here; let us know if you're interested in joining!

As always, you can submit ideas for courses (to develop in the Meta Course) and clubs (to try any time) here: courses + clubs.

Also: for any Hyperlink creators interested in starting an email newsletter, we'd like to sponsor your enrollment in the upcoming Newsletter Creator Club! Let us know if you're interested.