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FEB21 Launch Lineup

By The Hyperlink Team | 2021-02-03

Hyperlink's latest batch of learning is here! An awesome array of courses, clubs, and events…AKA a knowledge drop, if you will.

We're moving to monthly launches — so you can expect another update at the same time next month.

First, a number of new course and club cohorts now open for enrollment, starting later Feb and early March. Click each to learn more, view schedules, and enroll. You can also view all here: Courses + Clubs.


Whose Land Is This Anyway?

An introduction to Indigenous teachings, histories and world views for non-Indigenous people living across Turtle Island. Begin to foster a balanced and respectful relationship with the land.

Starts Feb 6, $250

Internet Homesteading

Build yourself a home on the internet (a website) with a toolchain you understand from the ground up.

Starts Feb 15, $150

Language Construction Workshop

Create your own language from scratch for world-building, personal use, or simply as an artistic pursuit. Using tools and concepts from linguistics, you'll build a language that looks and feels real.

Starts Feb 21, $225

Antifragile Writing with Roam Research

How to make writing less fragile, more robust, even antifragile—following N. Taleb's concept—using Roam Research, a note-taking and knowledge management app well-suited to make sense of disorder.

Starts March 4, $150

Anti-Burnout Artists Spa

Restorative Drawing for Artists. Are you a visual artist who's been feeling blah about it lately? We'll rediscover the joy of it via playful drawing exercises, randomized prompts, + light journaling.

Starts March 5, $100 [NEW!]


Framing Complex Ideas

How might we help readers internalize complex ideas? Grow your toolkit of communication techniques. We'll explore a range of perspectives (e.g. metaphors, storytelling, non-linear formats).

Starts Feb 9, $30

Virtual Museum Explorer Club

We'll go on tours via scavenger hunt through the virtual collections of world-class art museums.

Starts March 1, $35

Comics Making for the Rest of Us

A club for comics making aimed at building creative solidarity and exploring the medium. Weekly drawing + writing activities, discussion opportunities and a set of ongoing group projects <3

Starts March 2, $25


New on Hyperlink — one-off learning events! We now support events both free and paid; standalone experiments and events related to existing courses/clubs. See upcoming events below, and view all here: Events.

Also: consider hosting one! If you have an idea for an event to try, let us know — it's a great way to experiment, try out ideas, and gather feedback.

Conlang With Me #1

Join linguist and conlanger Colin Gorrie as he speedruns the invention of a language from scratch, along with some help from you! By the end of the two hours, we'll have enough of a language to translate a short fable.

Feb 4, FREE

Antilibrary Book Show and Tell

Join to share some favorite books from your antilibrary — ones you find intriguing, but have not yet read! We'll each bring a few of our unread books we're most excited about, share why we find them interesting, and discover the hidden treasures in each other's future reading lists.

Feb 13, FREE

Stream of Consciousness Comics Workshop

Harness intuitive visual thinking to create comics in a surprisingly effortless way. You will be introduced to image-first comics composition, a skill that you can add to your creative toolbelt. This will be a 3 hour workshop focused on timed, guided drawing, and writing activities.

Feb 15, $10

Intro to Experiential Learning with Jake Fee

An introduction to experiential, active, hands-on learning methods and reflective techniques, including Project-Based Learning, Service Learning, Place-Centered Learning, Adventure Learning, and Dewey's Pattern of Inquiry.

Feb 16, FREE

Crochet Foundations

This is a one-time event intended to introduce you to the basics of crocheting through an interactive session so that you can join future crochet clubs. Future crochet clubs may be run by a variety of facilitators and feature different crochet goals or topics (yarn bombing, mathematical patterns, amigurumis, pattern creation, crochet get togethers, etc.)

Feb 20, $15

Meta Course + Departments

We've got two more cohorts of the Meta Course starting this month — and we're trying something new, with themed cohorts, anticipating our development of Hyperlink Departments.

These aren't quite open for enrollment yet, but we're planning:

  • Meta Course - Visual Thinking (e.g. comics, design, art, video, animation) starting Thurs. Feb 18.
  • Meta Course - Language Arts (e.g. linguistics, writing, rhetoric) starting Sat. Feb 27.

As always, you can submit ideas for courses (to develop in the Meta Course) and clubs (to try any time) here: courses + clubs.

If you have an idea you think would be a good fit for one of the themed Meta Courses above, let us know!