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Hyperlink's Launch Lineup

By The Hyperlink Team | 2020-08-04

For the past two months, we’ve worked with talented creators to workshop learning experiences, taking courses from idea to outline to full curriculum. It’s time to give them a try!

Art, design, writing, technology, drawing, dreams. Deep dives; challenging projects. Cohorts starting in September.

Here are all the courses now open for enrollment. Click each to learn more and view open cohorts.

We hope you find one that seems just right for you…or maybe two or three!

GUIs Through Art History

Explore new styles of interface design inspired by art history movements. Each student will choose a movement in art history, explore what makes it unique, and translate its style into a GUI.

Write a Micro-Textbook

Write a complete first draft of a micro-textbook on a subject of your choice. Sharpen your own understanding, and distill your expertise into something you can publish, teach, or sell.

Anti-Perfectionism Drawing

A series of exercises to overcome the perfectionism that holds us back from drawing more. We’ll use constraints that make perfection impossible, like blind contour, rapid gesture drawing, and more.

The Book is a Program

A practical exploration in dual-publishing websites and printed books, using Pollen, LaTeX, and the Racket programming language.

Deconstructing Dreams

Many people are having unusual, vivid dreams during the COVID-19 pandemic. Why? What happens when we dream? What are dreams even for? Let’s learn more about how our dreams work — and how to use them.

Unlocking the Commons

A practical introduction to funding models for open creative work. Bring a project — blog, podcast, software, art — and we’ll explore approaches, tools and strategies to make it sustainable.

Once Upon a Type

We’re going to explore Web Typography! This is a group project based learning experience. We will be working as as a team to type set a short ✧༺:༻∞ fairy tale, myth, poem or legend∞༺:༻✧ for the web!

Internet Homesteading

Build yourself a home on the internet (a website) with a toolchain you understand from the ground up.

Click any course title above to learn more, or view all courses here!

Create a course with us?

We’ve had a blast with the three cohorts of the Meta Course so far.

Beyond the ones launching today, there are more courses still in development, and we’re really happy with the quality so far. We’d sign up for all of these courses ourselves, if there were but enough hours in the day!

We’ve opened a new cohort of the Meta Course, starting Monday Aug. 17th. If you have an idea you’re excited about teaching and exploring with others, we’d love to hear from you.

General speaking we’re finding courses work well that:

  • Deeply explore a niche (e.g. some branch of art, tech, writing, etc.)
  • Align with your existing work; gain from being run repeatedly
  • Propel participants to make/achieve something meaningful together

If you're interested — or know someone who might be — get in touch!