New courses, feature notes, upcoming events, and other Hyperlink news.

Learning From the Meta Course: Bigger and Better

We just wrapped up our sixth and seventh (!) Meta Course cohorts, and overhauled the entire curriculum to be longer and more structured. Here's what we learned.

100 Tweets on Better Internet Learning

Hyperlink's collaboratively-written thread on a vision for better internet learning.

Hyperlink: A Vision for Learning Futures

A rhizomatic learning network. A home for lifelong learning. An R&D lab for internet pedagogy…and more!

Launching 8 New Clubs

Open for enrollment: clubs on indie research and planetary studies; clubs exploring museums, media futures, blue humanities; clubs to share art, desserts, rhymes…

New Courses: Oct. 2020

Another round of new courses, on community-building, language construction and more — plus new cohorts for some current courses.

Announcing Learning Clubs

We're trying a new format for focused peer-to-peer learning — Clubs. Browse our initial ideas and propose a Club you'd like to facilitate!

Hyperlink's Launch Lineup

The most exciting moment in Hyperlink’s history to date: we’re launching with a lineup of 8 awesome courses.

Learning From the Meta Course

We've completed three cohorts of the Meta Course, our course creation workshop. Here's what we've learned about designing and facilitating learning experiences on Hyperlink.

Hello World

Introducing Hyperlink! We're starting an experimental internet school, and building infrastructure for highly effective, people-centered learning. We'd love for you to join us.