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Hyperlink Hypotenuse

Dispatches from the future of indie internet education.

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Our mission is to build an interdisciplinary space, by and for the internet, pushing forward the frontiers of independent, alternative learning.

Hypotenuse is our weekly newsletter (Hyperletter!) about what we're up to and how you can get involved.

What you can expect:

Launch Announcements

Be the first to hear about new courses and clubs in our monthly Knowledge Drops

Curated Resources

Interesting links, book reviews, and other fascinating things we find about learning and pedagogy

Community Digest

Events, course demos, updates from Hyperspace (our social learning space — coming soon!)

Behind the Scenes

Prompts, experiments, ideas we're working through, and musings on building Hyperlink

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Each week of the month will typically be a different theme (e.g. launch one week, community digest the next).

We'll also send you a welcome email right away, with a few favorite Library links, plus next steps for teaching and learning with Hyperlink.