Anyone is welcome to enroll in hyperlink.academy

Our admissions criteria is simple.

You must:

  1. Be a real human being
  2. Have an honest intention to participate in at least one course
  3. Create a page on a website, ideally one you control, containing:
    • A description of what you're interested in learning
    • A link to hyperlink.academy
    • A link to any courses you participate in
  4. This is your learning webpage
  5. Submit it below!

To enroll in a specific course just go to it's homepage and follow the instructions, or contact the facillitator. Then, create a link to it on your learning webpage!

Enrollment is on a per-semester basis. So if you join this semester, you're not automatically enrolled in the next.

Creating space on the internet

You can create your learning space for hyperlink.academy wherever makes sense for you. There are a couple qualities you want:

  1. permanent: your page shouldn't change on you, or shift around. We want to create hyperlinks that are resilient and dependable!
  2. modifiable: your learning well change and grow as you do more things, you should always be able to add to your page and edit it
  3. accessible: other's who are learning with you in hyperlink.academy should be able to read your page, without any hoop jumping.

Some Options

Your own website!

Running your own website is easier than ever today. Here are a couple sites and services which make it easy to do!

On social-media:

a fathom project
read the rationale