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Create incredible learning experiences with Hyperlink.

Hyperlink is for active, transformative learning, with people front and center.

We give you tools to shape great learning experiences, and do so in a financially sustainable way.

Courses and Clubs

Two core structures, both built for serious learning, with facilitators convening online peer groups to explore niche topics together.

What kind of learning do you want to build?


Hyperlink Courses aren't limited to a particular subject or structure. We support many kinds of interesting learning experiences, and encourage experimentation. Great courses tend to:

Nurture a Niche

Focus on a specific subject; explore it deeply through a striking lens

Reward Repetition

Align with your practice, help your work grow, improve over time

Propel a Project

Guide people to actively make or achieve something meaningful

Create Community

Bring people together, with lasting connection and impact

Creating a Course

Start with an Idea

Once you have an idea in mind for a course topic, send us your proposal.

Develop a Seedling

Join us to develop your idea in the Meta Course, where you'll design a curriculum and get early feedback in a community of course creators.

Schedule Cohorts

Run through your curriculum with your first cohort. It won't be perfect but it'll be fun, and next time it'll be even better.

Publish it on Hyperlink

Use the Hyperlink course builder to publish your course, complete with curriculum, schedule, templates, and other details.

Adjust and Improve

Fine tune your curriculum, run another cohort, learn more, and continue iterating. Wash, rinse, repeat.


Hyperlink Clubs are a way to engage in fun, loosely organized learning. They're easier to start, lower time commitment for facilitators, and lower cost for learners. Great clubs tend to:

Nurture a Niche

Focus on a specific subject; explore it deeply through a striking lens

Explore & Experiment

Probe the edges; push the boundaries; try something new

Participate with Peers

You facilitate, but everyone co-creates the learning experience together

Creating a Club

Start with an idea

Once you have a club idea in mind, send us your proposal. We'll review and get back to you soon.

Publish on Hyperlink

We'll make you a draft club; you'll edit the details and schedule, then publish your club to the site.

Run Your Club

Convene a group of learners and get started exploring together!

…And Again?

You can run your club once, or do it again with a new group, as many times as you like.


Simple Course Creation

Draft your curriculum, set a price, add events, build your course structure — we'll help you get everything set up!

Registration and Payments

Invite students, collect payments via Stripe, fill your cohorts

Schedule Cohorts

Run the course as often as you like, everything set up and ready to go

Community and Discussion Space

We set up a forum for your course, with a private space for each cohort

Powerful Templates

Configure course templates that will generate structure for each cohort you run

Flexible Enrollment

Set participant limits, invite-only courses, create discounts to offer scholarships and more

Events and Calendar

Create and view course events; subscribe to a calendar with all your Hyperlink events

Hyperlink Community

Meta Course, events, workshops — join a community of like-minded teachers and learners

Let's Experiment Together!

We're continually learning; you can impact the shape of this community and what we build


Simple, transparent pricing — no tiers or metering; you get access to all features right from the get go. Here's how it works:

  • You set the price for your course or club (we're happy to advise)

  • Hyperlink takes a 20% platform fee, including payment processing

  • You keep 80% of tuition, paid out via Stripe at the end of each cohort