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Language Arts 1

The Meta Course

The Meta Course is Hyperlink's course creation workshop! In this Language Arts themed cohort, make a course on writing, linguistics, rhetoric, translation, poetry, publishing, or related topics.

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SAT, MAR 13 5:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 3 - Midpoint Feedback

  • Reviewing Course Outlines: The main thing this week is feedback — detailed discussions of draft outlines. You'll explain your course goals, discuss what you’re thinking about for overall course structure, and get feedback from peers.
  • Hyperlink Logistics + Draft Courses: We'll do a walkthrough of what it looks like to create and run a course on Hyperlink — what you can do with the platform, and what you'd like us to add in the future. We'll also start setting you up with a draft course to edit on the platform! Once this is created, you can edit from the "Maintaining" tab on your dashboard.
  • Week 3 Homework: Revised Outline: You'll work on editing your outline, starting to flesh out in more detail and revise based on further feedback. Sketch out what will be done in each unit, starting to think about lesson plans, activities, and assignments
  • Demo Day: You'll schedule a public event around the final week of the Meta Course — a demo to share your course ideas and get feedback from folks in your network. We'll talk more about event ideas and go over how to get these on the calendar.

SAT, MAR 20 4:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 4 - Activities and Assignments

SAT, MAR 27 4:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 5 - Prepare for Launch