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Cohort #8

The Meta Course

A course for creating great courses! We learn how to create learning structures specifically for the ideas and skills most interesting to us.

WED, MAR 10 1:00 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 1 - Intro and Ideas

BEFORE WE MEET: Please jot down any initial notes you have for your course idea. What parts are you pretty sure about? What questions / areas would you most like to address?

Hyperlink Introduction: We'll share a bit about Hyperlink's mission, how we approach course design and internet learning, and the Meta Course itself.

Participant Introductions: Each of us will briefly introduce ourselves and our course ideas, then take a few minutes during the call to draft a topic with initial thoughts for course goals and proposed structure.

Course Goals and Concept Mapping: We'll go through some exercises to define what success looks like for your course, and map out the space of possibilities for everything you'd like to cover.

Week 1 Homework - Ideas and Feedback: After the initial call, each participant will take some time over the coming days to read each other's initial course idea drafts, and exchange thoughts and feedback on the forum.

WED, MAR 17 12:00 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 2 - Course Structure

WED, MAR 24 12:00 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 3 - Midpoint Feedback

WED, MAR 31 12:00 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 4 - Activities and Assignments

WED, APR 7 12:00 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 5 - Preparing for Launch

Mar 10, 20215 weeksUp to 16 learners

A clear idea for a course topic, and at least a rough idea of its scope and structure.

This course is invite only, see the curriculum for details