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The Meta Course

A course for creating great courses! We learn how to create learning structures specifically for the ideas and skills most interesting to us.

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The Meta Course is a course that itself facilitates the creation of great courses! We learn to design and implement effective learning structures for the ideas and skills most interesting to us.

It's also a great way to participate in a community of people who care about creating high quality learning experiences on a variety of interesting topics.

Upcoming cohorts:

  • Meta Course: Visual Thinking — Feb 18 (Thursday) - 3pm EST / 8pm UTC, co-facilitated by Juan Jose Fernandez
  • Meta Course: Language Arts — Feb 27 (Saturday) - 12pm EST / 5pm UTC, co-facilitated by Colin Gorrie
  • Meta Course Cohort 8 (general) — March 2 (Tues) - 8pm EST / 1am UTC

Interested in the Meta Course? Propose a course here:

  • https://hyperlink.academy/forms/propose-course
  • And mention if you're interested in joining an upcoming cohort!
  • The Meta Course is free but we do have limited capacity and want to make sure it's a good fit on both sides. If it seems like it will be, we'll chat more and invite you to enroll.


—The Hyperlink Team


  • Produce a thoughtful, and (mostly) polished course, with a complete curriculum draft, ready to schedule your first cohort
  • Get to know a community of awesome course creators, and exchange useful feedback
  • Learn about Hyperlink — our vision, and how the platform works


  • Have a clear idea for a course topic, and rough ideas for its scope, curriculum, and structure



  • 5 weeks; one group call each week (90 minutes)
  • Asynchronous forum discussion and feedback
  • Each participant will schedule at least one "Test Run" session for facilitation practice

Check each cohort's details for exact meeting times and dates.

Week 1 - Intros and Ideas

  • BEFORE WE MEET: Please jot down any initial notes you have for your course idea. What parts are you pretty sure about? What questions / areas would you most like to address?
  • Hyperlink Introduction: We'll share a bit about Hyperlink's mission, how we approach course design and internet learning, and the Meta Course itself.
  • Participant Introductions: Each of us will briefly introduce ourselves and our course ideas, then take a few minutes during the call to draft a topic with initial thoughts for course goals and proposed structure.
  • Course Goals and Concept Mapping: We'll go through some exercises to define what success looks like for your course, and map out the space of possibilities for everything you'd like to cover.
  • Week 1 Homework - Ideas and Feedback: After the initial call, each participant will take some time over the coming days to read each other's initial course idea drafts, and exchange thoughts and feedback on the forum.

Week 2 - Course Structure

  • Reviewing Ideas: A quick discussion round, where we can address some of the questions that have come up based on feedback in the past week.
  • Designing Course Structure: We'll talk about possibilities for designing the shape of your course. What are the core learning objectives? How long is it? How frequently and in what form do participants meet? What's the workload? What are the final outcomes / artifacts?
  • Syllabus Possibilities: We'll explore features of a good syllabus, and look at some great examples demonstrating creative, detailed syllabi in a variety of fields.
  • Breakout Groups: Chat about the feedback you’ve received in the forums, open questions you have, and initial thoughts for the structure of your course.
  • Week 2 Homework - Draft Outline: Based on your initial idea and feedback you've received, draft an outline for your course, mapping out its high level objectives and overall shape. If you like, sketch out 2-3 variations of potential directions or high level structures.

Week 3 - Midpoint Feedback

  • Reviewing Course Outlines: The main thing this week is feedback — detailed discussions of draft outlines. You'll explain your course goals, discuss what you’re thinking about for overall course structure, and get feedback from peers.
  • Hyperlink Logistics + Draft Courses: We'll do a walkthrough of what it looks like to create and run a course on Hyperlink — what you can do with the platform, and what you'd like us to add in the future. We'll also start setting you up with a draft course to edit on the platform! Once this is created, you can edit from the "Maintaining" tab on your dashboard.
  • Week 3 Homework: Revised Outline: You'll work on editing your outline, starting to flesh out in more detail and revise based on further feedback. Sketch out what will be done in each unit, starting to think about lesson plans, activities, and assignments
  • Demo Day: You'll schedule a public event around the final week of the Meta Course — a demo to share your course ideas and get feedback from folks in your network. We'll talk more about event ideas and go over how to get these on the calendar.

Week 4 - Activities and Assignments

  • Review / Questions: Another round of questions / feedback / review to get ready for putting together your complete syllabus!
  • Exercise and Assignment Design: We'll explore possibilities for creating engaging activities, prompts, or assignments for the course — and brainstorm ideas you might try for your course.
  • Breakout Groups: Pick 1-2 of the activities you came up with, and discuss together in small groups. What about them excites or worries you? Let's riff on lots of different activities and methods of learning and facilitation.
  • Retrospectives: We'll talk a bit about the retro process, and how to gather feedback from participants that will help you iterate and improve on your course each time you run it.
  • Week 4 Homework: Final Syllabus: You'll complete a detailed syllabus that articulates your course curriculum. It doesn't have to be 100% polished quite yet, but should fully cover all the relevant details a learner needs to know before joining your course.

Week 5 - Preparing for Launch

  • Course Marketing: We'll go over the process of getting the word out about your course — reaching the right audience, clearly communicating the course experience and value, and announcing to make sure your network knows all about it.
  • Final Presentations and Review: We'll spend some time briefly presenting our final course drafts, and going over any lingering questions and loose ends.
  • Next Steps for Course Launch: Let's talk about next steps for getting these courses launched on Hyperlink! At this point, you're welcome to polish your course and schedule a live cohort, or chat with us further about possibilities.
  • Meta Course Retro: We'll take the last ~15 minutes of our final call to do a retrospective on how the Meta Course went, and how we can improve it for next time.

Epilogue: Publishing your Course

No fresh graduate from the Meta Course will have a perfect course. As it's run repeatedly with real cohorts, your course will improve over time, so it's okay if it's still a bit rough around the edges — it'll only get better from here!

Midway through the Meta Course, we'll make you a draft course on Hyperlink! You can set up your curriculum and other info, then go live and schedule cohorts. See the Hyperlink Manual for more detail on course facilitation and maintenance.

If you don't feel ready quite yet, don't worry! Take your time and work on the course at your own pace. If and when you want to launch, send us a note.

You can take the Meta Course again if you'd like more feedback, or want to explore a different course idea. We're also happy to chat more any time.

5 weeksUp to 16 learners

A clear idea for a course topic, and at least a rough idea of its scope and structure.

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