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Cohort #0

Steal Like an Animator

This course is an introduction to animation using After Effects by emulating our favourite motion design artists. We’ll cover how to break down existing animations and create our own using AE.

SAT, JUL 3 3:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

1: Putting the Team Together


  • What can we learn by “stealing”?/What can we learn from examples?
  • Why is it important to steal like an artist?
  • How do we find and pick work that we want to steal?

After Effects:

  • The different “types” of animations
  • Overcoming our fear of the software! aka, understanding the interface
  • Basic transformation properties

SAT, JUL 10 3:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

2: Acquiring the Blueprints

SAT, JUL 17 3:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

3: Reconnaissance

SAT, JUL 24 3:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

4: The Grand Theft

WED, JUL 28 2:30 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

4.5: Who Sounded The Alarm?

SAT, JUL 31 3:00 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

5: The Getaway

Jul 3, 20215 WeeksUp to 12 learners

At least a month-long subscription to After Effects (you don't need to know how to use it)

Please feel free to reach out to me if you want a $30 discount to the course to purchase the software.

11 spots left!