Meta-Skills for Language Learning

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SAT, JAN 23 5:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Week 2: A Scientific Approach to Learning Languages

This class introduces the results of the last few decades of research in second language acquisition. We now know a lot about how language learning works. And it turns out that it's not much like the way most people go about learning languages. We're going to bust language learning myths, and replace these myths with science-backed knowledge. For example, we'll learn why the best apps for language learning aren't language-learning apps at all. We'll use this knowledge to examine and revise the techniques and resources we're using in our current language learning practice.

SAT, JAN 30 5:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Week 3: A Little Theory Goes a Long Way

SAT, FEB 6 5:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Week 4: From Theory to Practice

4 weeksUp to 10 learners

For anyone actively learning a language (any language, at any level) or considering doing so in the near future. This is an intro-level course; no linguistics / language learning background required.


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