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Learning How to Learn

Explore meta-learning by taking the famed four-week "Learning How to Learn" MOOC together as a cohort. Join for a collaborative experiment in peer-driven learning, note-taking, and accountability.

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Learning Goals

Imagine... starting a self-taught cohort all taking the same online course with a shared knowledge graph? Would MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) actually become more useful to us? Our learning club hypothesis is... Yes.

The MOOC course that we will be working through is [Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects] hosted on Coursera.

This is an educational experiment! Our learning club is meant to begin a conversation about what does an education in our increasingly digital age look like. This is meant to explore what the value of being placed with a cohort of self-driven individuals learning the same thing at the same time.

To see if this structure can show how this can serve as a more motivating, cheaper option than the traditional educational options out there.

Ideally, when this course is finished we will then progress onwards, to creating another cohort dedicated to learning an entirely new subject. Online Learners Unite!


The learning club will meet 5 times over the course of 5 weeks.

The first day in which we meet, we will discuss goals that we would like to set for our course, as well as doing a current analysis on our strategies for learning best.

- [[Week 0 - Introductory Hangout]]

After setting some initial goals, and introducing one another to eachother... We will gather together as a club, and will work through all 4 weeks of content in Learning How To Learn.

- [[Week 1 - What Is Learning?]]
- [[Week 2- Chunking]]
- [[Week 3 - Procrastination and Memory]]
- [[Week 4- Renaissance Learning and Unlocking Your Potential]]

Our weekly conversations will then be centered around takeaways from the course, sharing note-taking strategies using Roam, discussing additional PKM tools that augment us in our learning and so on.

According to the Course Syllabi for Learning How To Learn, to work through our class material we will be discussing will take us a total of 15 hours. As well as, our weekly hour-long conversations, adding up to about a 5 hour per week commitment. A total of about 20 hours will be spent over the duration of our 4 week learning club.

Who Should Sign Up

Calling all members of the #roamcult as well as those interested in Personal Knowledge Management tools at large for augmenting their ability to create an educational experience online. THIS CLUB IS FOR YOU!

Roam Research is not required to be your method for note-taking, however it is highly recommended to make the most out of our Learning Club!

Parting Questions..

  • What goals do we have with our education online?
  • What conventions are necessary when attacking an online education?
  • What tools to use when approaching a self-education online?
  • To what extent do we need to use the same tools to make this collaborative experience work?

If any of these four questions... really resonate with you. We are curious with your input and this may be the right experiment to come join.

5 weeksUp to 10 learners

Interest in exploring the future of self- and peer-driven education. Experience/interest in using Roam Research suggested but not required.

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