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Cohort #0

Internet of Absurdity

We’ll examine how everything is connected and teach you how to make your own internet-connected (possibly absurd) device!

TUE, APR 20 11:30 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Week 1: Meet the class and talk about IOT

Starting off with introductions, we'll move into talking about the internet of things and what may make it absurd. We'll go through the structure of the course, logistics around the hardware kit, and talk about some theory.

Homework: Write a forum post about what you want to learn or achieve during the course. Fill out the hardware kit shipping information.

TUE, APR 27 11:30 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 2: Ideation and Prototyping

TUE, MAY 4 11:30 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 3: Starting your prototype

TUE, MAY 11 11:30 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 4: Technical Introduction to Protocols and Sensors

TUE, MAY 18 11:30 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 5: Share Projects

TUE, MAY 25 11:30 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 6: Technical: Wireless Communication

TUE, JUN 1 11:30 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 7: Documenting and Sharing Work

TUE, JUN 8 11:30 PM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Week 8: Final Presentation Preparation

SAT, JUN 12 5:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Final Project Presentations

Apr 20, 20212 Months (8 Weeks)Up to 8 learners

General programming experience is recommended but not strictly required for this course. We will be writing code in Python on Microcontrollers to connect to the internet.

8 spots left!