International Confectioneries

Starts Nov 29, 2020

Every week we will make a different confectionery together! We will try to focus on desserts with diverse origins. Halva, Baklava, Mochi, Flan, Sfenj, Mooncakes, Jalebis, Yuuuuuuuuum~

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SUN, NOV 29 9:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Japanese Daifuku/ Mochi!


Check out this post in the forum for stuff to do before we get started. https://forum.hyperlink.academy/t/getting-started/984

This week we're gonna make super delicious, super easy Japanese Daifuku! This pillow of deliciousness is made from sweetened rice flour and filled will all manner of tasty things.


Ingredients Required

  • Water

  • Cornstarch

  • Glutenous Rice flour shiratamako (is hands down tastier and is available in any Japanese grocery) OR mochiko (which you can find maybe in your normal grocery, but also on amazon here (despite its name this contains NO GLUTEN)

  • Fruit Try for fruits with have a solid body and aren't super wet (no raspberries or oranges). I recommend strawberry, grape, persimmon, peach, maaaaaybe mango? Bring a variety if you want!

  • Anko, AKA Adzuki Bean Paste You can find it in your local Asian grocery. If you don't have an Asian grocery near you, but your local grocer or Amazon has adzuki beans, you can make it yourself. You just need the beans, and sugar. Here's a recipe. Anko comes in lumpy and smooth. I like the smooth one, I find it a little easier to shape. But if your texture of choice is lumps, you do you.

If you aren't feeling this or you can't get it, you could use chocolate ganache instead. Yummy! Sure it's not "authentic" but who cares? All you need is heavy cream and chocolate. Here's a recipe.

OR (instead of red bean paste and fruit)

  • Ice Cream Yes, why eat beans and fruit when you could eat ICE CREAM. Any flavor will do!

Tools Required

  • A bowl
  • A microwave OR a steamer basket OR a metal colander that fits inside a pot with a lid OR something else, we can figure it out
  • a spatula
  • a knife
  • a bit of thin string, twine, or unflavored floss (not required)

SUN, DEC 6 9:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs


SUN, DEC 13 9:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs


SUN, DEC 20 9:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

TBD but maybe New Year related??

Facilitated by Celine (she/her)

Celine 🐑 is a product designer and co-founder at hyperlink.academy. She has experience in facilitation, illustration, and UX/UI.

She's also an enthusiastic craftswitch in her free time. Her current obsession is making more-complicated-than-average confectioneries


brennarama (she/her)
4 weeks

No baking experience is required. You will need uninterrupted access to a kitchen.