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Fantastic Beasts for the Home and Garden

Cultivate animal familiars, plant companions, and fungal allies in this project-based course on intimacy, ecology, and what it means to be human in the post-anthropocene.

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SUN, JUN 27 4:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Week 3: Seasons

This week we will create a long-term care and maintenance schedule for our habitat project, and we will explore stories of deep time, co-evolution, and multi-generational land stewardship.

βœ… co-evolution βœ… stewardship βœ… interdependence βœ… domestication

🏑 Homework: prototyping is over - get to work on your final project!

SUN, JUL 4 4:00 PM UTC | 2.0 hrs

Week 4: Symbiosis