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Echo and Narcissus Writing Club

A writing club where we learn by imitation. We'll each pick a Narcissus – an author we wish to Echo. We'll closely analyse (and even copy) their work, then write our own pieces using what we learn.

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SAT, MAY 15 5:00 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

Chapter 3 - Openings, Closings, and Transitions

This week we'll look at how our Narcissuses begin a piece and end it.

What's their opening sentence? How do they set the scene? Do they drop you into the middle of the action, or give layers of context upfront?

How do they bring a story to a close or conclude their argument?

We'll also consider how they transition between topics, scenes, and arguments/claims. How do they signal they're changing from one idea to the next? How do they signpost where they've been, and where the story is headed?

Pre-session Assignment

Pick 3 pieces of writing from your Narcissus (preferably short stories, articles, or essays – something you can analyse the whole structure of that's shorter than a book).

Analyse how they open and close each of these. Compare and contrast.
Analyse how they transition between sections of the text. How can you tell when they're changing tone or topic?

Write 500 words using the techniques you've learned this week. Bring it along.

SAT, MAY 22 5:00 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

Chapter 4 - Descriptions and Details

SAT, MAY 29 5:00 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

Chapter 5 - Play, Perspective, and Narrative

SAT, JUN 5 5:00 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

Chapter 6 - The Finale