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Cohort #1

Building a Rules Light Tabletop Game

In this class we’ll explore minimalistic “rules light” rulesets for tabletop games. See how they can quickly shape players sense of a world and focus the kind of stories being told then build our own.

WED, APR 14 1:00 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Session 1

Lesson 1: Introduction

(30-45m) Group introductions along with preliminary game ideas from everybody.
(30m) A brief overview of the history of roleplaying and story games along with an explanation of one page systems specifically.
(15-30m) A quick look at two one page RPG systems, Lasers & Feelings and Crash Pandas.

Homework: Find a one page system that interests you from itch.io.

WED, APR 21 1:00 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Session 2

WED, APR 28 1:00 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Session 3

WED, MAY 5 1:00 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Session 4

WED, MAY 12 1:00 AM UTC | 1.5 hrs

Session 5

Apr 14, 20215 weeksUp to 10 learners

Will need a Google account to work on shared Google Docs/Sheets. An Itch.io account is helpful but not required.

10 spots left!