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Art of Memory

We'll rediscover, explore, and practice several ancient memory techniques to dramatically improve and expand our ability to memorize a vast array of knowledge.

SAT, JUL 10 5:00 PM UTC | 1.0 hrs

Lecture 1: Culture and history of memory | The Major System

Memory cultures & a brief history of mnemotechniques

Indigenous peoples around the world have used memory methods and techniques. These are infrequently fully studied or understood by western cultures, though anthropologists and archaeologists are beginning to uncover their use. We’ll take a brief look at memory techniques in Western culture from the Ancient Greeks and Romans; through the middle ages and Renaissance; into the use of the major system by Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, various magicians and hucksters; and up to present day memory competitions.

Links and associativity

  • Visual memory & The Mind’s Eye
  • A different way of using the five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell
  • Creativity: exaggeration, extreme conditions, the unexpected, shock, awe, wars, birth, death, sex, weather, clothing, movement, dancing, etc.

The phonetic major system

A basic phonetic system for converting numbers into words to make memorizing numbers simple

  • The numbers 0-9
  • (p.s. you also get most shorthand systems for free)
Jul 10, 20215 weeksUp to 15 learners

This course has no prerequisites.

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