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Cohort #1

Antifragile Writing with Roam Research

How to make writing less fragile, more robust, even antifragile—following N. Taleb's concept—using Roam Research, a note-taking and knowledge management app well-suited to make sense of disorder.

This is an optional writing prompt previous to the next class.

Remember the last time you were writing "in the zone". You wrote a lot, you feel good, time passed without notice. You feel productive. Some of the things you wrote surprised you. Tell us about it.

What were you writing about? For work, pleasure, family, school? Where were you? Did you have a teacher, a boss, a college that made you write? What was the assignment, task, or project? Who was the audience, your possible readers? What did you think were the ingredients that made you writing "in the zone".

Can you identify the stressors that made that possible? Are they repeatable?

You can write as much as you want. Use the Most Dangerous App for Writing if you want. Or not. Then paste it on your own database or in the antifragile-writing graph. Share it if you feel comfortable with that.

Remember, just write. At the moment, don't worry about tagging, linking, indenting. Just write.


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