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Citizens of Hypertext Club

Working group exploring and building a better relationship between the internet, computing and people. Hosted by Jad & Prakhar.

Comics Making for the Rest of Us

A club for comics making aimed at building creative solidarity and exploring the medium. Weekly drawing + writing activities, discussion opportunities and a set of ongoing group projects <3

Cryptoeconomics Study Group

Come learn about crypto and cryptoeconomics, and maybe develop a fun dapp along the way. More study group than hype.

Framing Complex Ideas

How might we help readers internalize complex ideas? Grow your toolkit of communication techniques. We'll explore a range of perspectives (e.g. metaphors, storytelling, non-linear formats).

House of Interdisciplinary Autodidacts

Join fellow autodidacts to explore generative interdisciplinary questions and create public artifacts together, to leverage the web for building a career with more professional autonomy.

Hyperlink Learning Adventure Club

A peer cohort for propelling ambitious self-directed learning projects. Join for motivation, accountability, feedback, structure, clarity, and creative momentum. [EXPERIMENTAL]

International Confectioneries

Every week we will make a different confectionery together! We will try to focus on desserts with diverse origins. Halva, Baklava, Mochi, Flan, Sfenj, Mooncakes, Jalebis, Yuuuuuuuuum~

Learning How to Learn

Explore meta-learning by taking the famed four-week "Learning How to Learn" MOOC together as a cohort. Join for a collaborative experiment in peer-driven learning, note-taking, and accountability.

Literature at Sea: A Brief History of Existence

Vitally important to human existence (and perhaps foundational to all matter) is the sea, of which we know relatively little. Take an imaginative deep dive into this space through literature.

Newsletter Creator Club

Join to build a consistent newsletter practice. We'll each create a system for writing and publishing, talk tools and platforms, share feedback, and get comfortable writing in public together.

Virtual Museum Explorer Club

We'll go on tours via scavenger hunt through the virtual collections of world-class art museums.